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If you are looking to live a pain free life, recovering from an injury or want to improve your performance, Caldarone Chiropractic Center can help.


Dr. Caldarone incorporates traditional chiropractic principals with the latest contemporary methods of applied clinical neuroscience or chiropractic neurology. Your evaluation and treatment is not only focused on musculoskeletal assessments but centers on the health of your nervous system and your brain.


Dr. Caldarone offers effective treatment for both common muscle and joint problems as well as complex neurological conditions.


Research supports the theory that chiropractic adjustments and other methods of rehabilitation have a central effect on brain health. Chiropractic Neurology focuses on how chiropractic adjustments and adjunctive therapies can support your nervous system. Dr. Caldarone is trained in the latest diagnostic and clinical examination methods associated with Functional Neurology.

Your brain runs your body. Proprioception supports your brain. It is a synergistic relationship. Your health is based around this central notion. Many common musculoskeletal and degenerative nervous system conditions can be attributed to breakdown in this process.

A chiropractic neurologist understands you brain and nervous system are dynamic and therefore adaptable to change over time. This process of adaptation over time is called neuroplasticity. Various combinations of treatment are introduced in repetition to create this change. Multiple daily treatments have been found effective to achieve this desired change. This frequency may be required for one to two weeks. This regimen has been proven to be more effective than spreading treatment out over several weeks or months.

Many various therapeutic modalities are used in patient care. Therapies that include vision, balance, coordination, and sound are provided in addition to chiropractic adjustments.

Treating your symptoms alone is not enough. Identifying the underlying basis of your health issue is necessary. A complete health history, physical examination, and diagnostic evaluation inclusive of lab test if needed is done. All treatment provided to you is individualized and is built from this foundation.

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